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Beautifully engineered sound.

The story of Leema Acoustics...

  1. In 1998, former BBC Engineers Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls begin a research project to create a miniature loudspeaker for the studio. Driven by their fanatical attention to detail and their desire to create something quite special they developed new tools, models & acoustic principles in their quest for perfection.
  2. Inspired by the overwhelming reception from professional owners of the resulting Xen Micro Monitor, Lee and Mallory formed Leema Electro Acoustics to develop additional loudspeakers, complementary electronic components and further their vision.
  3. The introduction of the award winning Tucana integrated amplifier cemented Leema's reputation as a manufacturer of reference quality audio components. Its successor the Tucana II joined an ever expanding portfolio of components which have garnered Leema many awards, making Leema one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed young audio companies today.
  4. In 2014 after a close working relationship going back several years, Leema joined forces with Davlec Ltd, an established Welsh electronics manufacturer with experience in a variety of niche markets. Working together, this alliance will allow Leema to focus on the support and development of its products, while utilising the manufacturing procedures and protocols Davlec has refined over 30 years.

HiFi Components

Full Width Constellation Series and Spectrum Series, Half Width Elements Series and the Micro Essentials Series.

constellation 1-75.jpg


Where it all started! Leema's classic award winning analogue amplifiers, preamplifier, CD player, phono stage and now a class leading DAC. Enormous current delivery combined with subtlety, finesse and transparency, wrapped in a timeless and elegant cabinet, delivers a high end experience second to none.

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quasar fp.png


The New Stellar series kicks off with the imminent launch of the Quasar Integrated System capable of an astonishing 190 watts per channel RMS in to 8 ohms.

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elements 1-75.jpg


Sporting a smart and stylish half size form factor, the Elements range of products provide a comprehensive range of facilities together with performance that easily exceeds that claimed by the majority of full size separates. The range includes a CD player, Integrated amplifier with built in USB dac, a stereo/monoblock power amp, a DAC and an advanced phonostage.

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Ess Phono 1-75.jpg


The Essentials range contains a number of small but very high quality, discrete HiFi add-on components, the first of which is the Essentials phono stage, soon to be joined by the Essentials DAC.

A headphone amplifier, Passive preamp and a Bluetooth receiver/dac will be launched in 2016

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Taking advantage of advances in materials technology the new Xen features an upgraded bass/mid driver that has significantly greater levels of mid range detail and clarity than it's predecessor. Of course, the advanced folded steel cabinet, high power crossover and natural sheeps wool acoustic damping features are still present.

Leema Xen.................Like no other.

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Leema Speakers xero.jpg


The Xero is a development of the Xen with the home user in mind. The Xero has a slightly larger wood-based cabinet, which is available in sumptuous high gloss black or white in addition to luxurious real wood veneers allowing it to perfectly compliment any decor. The 4" Leema mid-bass drive unit is a development of the original bass unit fitted in the legendary Xen, giving even more bass output with increased precision and depth

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Leema Speakers xone.jpg


Leema's svelte Xone loudspeaker builds on the attributes of the Xero by adding an additional bass driver in a "two and a half way" configuration. The second bass driver only operates up to 300Hz, then rolls off. This allows the midrange to remain clear and detailed but extends the systems bass response and the power handling significantly

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Leema Speakers xeta.jpg


Xeta is the big brother of the range, doubling up on the Xone's driver compliment to provide effortless bass response. The use of multiple 4 inch low mass drive units in an extended D'appolito configuration, ensures breathtaking speed and slam with transparent midrange and clean, detailed high frequencies. 

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    You know its good when a reviewer has listened to a track several times reviewing other manufacturers kit and then hears it through a Leema Libra and declares "a wealth of additional details were being revealed" 
    "uncannily real sounding." "the Libra rendered this perfectly" Read the full review here HIFI PIG reccomended.jpg

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    Libra DAC and Pre-Amp reviewed by Ed Shelley for 4 Pages of detail showing how versatile our Libra can be.

    “a device that can make a radical difference to a number of different systems” 

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  • Gramophone Review

    The experts at Gramophone magazine, the world's authority on classical music since 1923, have recommended our new Elements Preamp and Elements power amp in the new June issue out now:

  • Leema Elements Mono Block and Pre Amp Review by Audiophileman

    Exclusive review of our New Elements Pre Amp and our Monoblock amp by Paul Rgiby from Audiophileman.

    "There was real power here that pinned me to my seat."

    "I could hear where the money has been spent on both the pre- and power amplifiers. In this price range, the Leema sets the pace in terms of facilities and sonic abilities. "

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  • Great Libra Review by HiFi Advice

    Fabulous review of the Libra DAC.

    "Leema dares to be different"

    "all the detail and refinement one can wish for but it presents this in a musically meaningful manner, with the performance intact as a whole"

    "highly lyrical, with excellent dynamic differentiation. Tonally rich and entirely stress free, the Libra is one of the most un-digital sounding DACs I know of, making you forget about the technicalities and letting you focuses on the soul of the music."

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From the very outset the design, engineering & sound of our products has garnered us many awards as well as favourable reviews from respected figures in the audio world. With any Leema product you can rest assured you will own an engineering marvel that is manufactured with care and precision and delivers the best possible sonic performance.

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B E A U T I F U L L Y   E N G I N E E R E D  S O U N D

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